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Carmen Carlson Magart was raised in the middle of nowhere in central Idaho on a sheep ranch where she learned to appreciate hard work and her animal friends, often as her only companions. Carmen completed her BA in Education (Art & English) in 1981 and returned home to raise her four children. Finally, after forty  futile years of devotion to the family ranch she moved away to the “big city” to further her children’s education and hers. They went to public high school while she completed an MA in Education. In 2003 Carmen married Paul and began the true adventures of country living on a large cattle ranch in Owyhee County.

Today she finds herself torn between educating teens (as a high school art teacher), her grandchildren (7 at last count) and herself (I will NOT let this computer get the best of me).  In addition she maintains two large summer gardens of both edible and floral, explores  ways to use produce of both, raises sheep, goats, cattle,chickens and enjoys riding the range on her 21 year old Appaloosa.  And,  if  there is time, she writes…

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Adventures in Country Living

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